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We have a stray dog we rescued from my husbands job site who was starving. Brought him home and really a sweat dog Problem Won't stay consistant with house training. We immediately went to crate training buying a 100.00 new crate to fit him. He destroyed it. He goes to door and will go out pee and sometimes show no interest that he has to poop. bring him in and bam on the floor he goes. Then for weeks will do good again going out and going both ways. Then for no reason we can figure out he will start going in the house again. We have went old school by rubbing nose in it as well. Then only other problem we have is he is a chewer but that we can work around mainly. But cannot take messes in house. I am ready to call pound and I have never done that before. I have 2 kids 11 and 18 months. the 11 yr old was upset about getting rid of him but the 18 month old is his best buddy they are perfect together. the dog we estimate turned a year in july. PLEASE HELP I DON'T WANT TO SEND HIM AWAY, but i cannot take it and my husband won't. :huddle:
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What kind of dog? How long do you figure it was living outside for? Taking an outside dog to the inside - then trying to crate it... Too much comes to mind.

Rubbing a dogs nose into pee doesn't work.

Be specific over the dog. Exercise routine? Mental exercise?
could he live outside ?
What kind of dog? How long do you figure it was living outside for? Taking an outside dog to the inside - then trying to crate it... Too much comes to mind.
That is exactly what I did, I adopted a dog who had lived outside her entire life, and crate trained her. She was housebroken in about a week.

My suggestions:
Take the dog for a vet visit to make sure there is no underlying health issue
Make sure that you use those special products made to clean up after pet accidents so there are no odors in the carpet cueing the dog that it must be ok to pee inside since there are pee odors inside
Read up on crate training. Sometimes it takes a little time to get the dog used to a crate- leave it open and put treats in it for a while, feed the dog in its crate, do whatever you can think of to make the dog's associations with a crate positive.

Dogs like to be with their people. Don't relegate the poor dog to a life outside, something is causing the indoor accidents, solve the something so your dog can be with your family.
You have to go into assuming that your new dog was never potty trained or lived outside long enough to forget. Start with step one like you would a new puppy, be consistant, potty training doesn't happen over night. When ever he goes outside reward him heavily, make sure he know's how much of a awesome thing it is to go outside and that going outside means good things happen.
As others have said, don't rub his nose in it. He doesn't understand why your doing it or that he did anything wrong. And I'm sure he doesn't appreciate having his nose and face rubbed in a accident because he didn't know any better.
If you haven't already take him to the vets to make sure he is medicly sound and theres nothing going on.
Crate training can take time even for dogs who have never lived outside on their own, let alone a dog who may have never lived inside. Some take right to it, others need a bit of time to be comfortable with it. You can also try a exercise pen, he may feel a bit more comfortable with it since it may not feel as confining as a crate. Everything in your house is very new to him and in some cases may be brand new. Give him time and patience to learn what living with you and living in a house is like.
Also again as others have said, make sure you are cleaning with a enzymatic cleaner (natures miracle is a good brand), even if you clean it really well and you cant smell or see it anymore your dog still can.
You said he's a chewer, does he have plenty of appropriate chew toys to chew on?
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We had the same issue with our rescue who was found outside. It took months of constantly going outside with her after having accidents, and while she still has the occasional poop/pee in the house, it's much better. Dogs have schedules for the most part. After drinking a lot? Walk. After eating? Walk. Before bed and morning? Walk.
Definitely read up on crate training since it's terrible to punish a dog with the crate. Also, antlers (I buy from Mountain Dog Chews) are great chews!! Our dogs are obsessed, and West Paw dog toys (made in MT) are awesome for destructive chewers. I worked at a natural dog food store, so I'm definitely a pro when it comes to the topic of food and toys! Haha
Best of luck! Just be patient and find a good cleaner for the carpet :)
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