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I thank any of you that take the time to reply here or email me at PiddlePlace

As most of you know, Piddle Place is now delighted to be part of the Petsafe family. This is helping our efforts to remove the barriers to pet companionship and adoption.

In the past, many people have asked us to make a larger piddle place. currently the Piddle Place is 20 x 30. Before we spend the money on a new mold and larger size, can you take a moment and give us feedback on what would be the perfect size for your needs?

We find most large dogs go potty outside, but we have heard of needs from larger breeds for times the pet parent can't be home, or weather does not allow for a walk. My dog uses the Piddle Place when I am at work, and we go for a walk when I get home. How about yours?

I will especially like to hear from breeders, groomers, or anyone else that might think a larger size indoor pet potty is needed.

What size please? As always, we thank you for helping us to help shelter pets.

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