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I recently rescued a four year old pooch who was severely abused, starved, chained to a tree and then thrown away like he was a piece of garbage.
He is the most loving little guy you could ever want.
There is a problem with him that I do not have the answer to.
Can you potty train an older dog?
He has a lot of issues like he was afraid to eat.
I had to hand feed him at first.
He still jumps on my bed and slinks down after eating as if he did something wrong just by eating his food.
He is terrified of lots of things and we are working through them.
So, I have not and will not swat him or anything like that when he pees in the house.
Can he be trained?
I really need help as I love him so much and I will keep him no matter what but, I would like him housetrained if possible.
Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.

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My older pup was crate trained in a week.
Do a search for crate training, but essentially, your dog should either be in a crate inside, outside, or on a leash inside with you watching. That way, every tim he needs to go you can take him outside and reward him for doing his business outside.
Put yummy treats inside the crate so your dog sees it as a positive place to be.
If he has had accidents inside use one of those products meant to clean pet urine, so that he does not have the scent of urine to make him think it is OK to pee inside.
Bless you for adopting this guy.
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