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Help with neighbours dog

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Hi all,
I’m after some advise what I should do! My neighbour has a beagle which lives outside, they keep it inside a shed which has chicken wire on the front of it with a wooden kennel Inside, it’s not huge. The dog used to live on a farm but now lives on a housing estate in the back garden. I feel so sorry for it, it’s currently -4 degrees here in the UK and shes sleeping outside and is not allowed in the house. She gets locked in the kennel for 8-10 hours a day when they are at work, she cries, howls and really doesn’t seem to like being in there, she just walks around in a circle. They let her out for maybe half hour then lock her away again. My question is what do I do!! Let it keep living like this and suffer or complain?
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You could call the RSPCA for advice. They may not help if the dog has food, water and shelter though.

Would the neighbours be open to you suggesting the dog could spend some time with you for company?
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Maybe offer to buy the dog? But say it in way that doesn't insult them. Maybe say I just love your dog is there anyway I could but her from you?
Have you checked your local laws or spoken to the neighbor (although that might just cause conflict)? In any case it sounds like a horrible living condition and maybe check with a shelter near you.

If you know the persons name you could also run a check on them through various sites online. But you can also check your local courthouse for free. Maybe this isn't the first animla they've neglected but v sad nonetheless.
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