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Um not a good idea...this is how dogs bite people, get into fights with other dogs, get attacked by other dogs and animals and hit by cars. You should NEVER allow your dog to wonder....EVER. Its not safe for them
where i grew up, this is how they get shot, stolen, used as bait dogs, attacked by psychos, bit by snakes, poisoned and all sorts of horrors, i've seen 'em. someone actually doused a stray with gasoline and set him on fire....not to mention all the damage your dogs could do to others, chase and kill cats and small animals, defficating in other people's yards, getting into trash cans, and so much more.

why don't you look into doggy daycare?

also, you have to do everything for them, they are your responsibility. they didn't get to choose an owner who would be too busy to walk them!

do you have a yard? can you hire a dog walker? i work full-time and take classes part-time, i understand that it is a lot of work to have a dog, but i try to work my schedule around his needs most of the time. you can do it

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