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Help with my giant Alaskan malamute

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Dakota is a 13 wk old puppy who was shy when we received her she is extremely nervous alone and howls of she thinks she is alone
Starting the pee training she did really well
But now for the last week it has turned into a nightmare for me I take her out every 4 hrs and she walks and played and nothing finally I have to go back in and as soon as we get in the door she will pee or poo but will not do it outside anymore ? I need help it's like she is backwards
She hasn't peed outside for 5 days now and I try and try I can take her out for 29 mins after she wakes and its line she holds it u til we get back in the house ? What do I do ????? ?? help
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Everybody has their own methods, but what I did worked pretty well. We adopted our pup at 10 weeks, and it took two weeks to potty train him.

Follow your dog like a hawk around the house; if you find it easier, you can leash him/her to you. As soon as you see signs that your dog has to relieve itself (circling, usually) or even just starting to pee, pick up your dog and immediatley take her outside to the place you want her to go potty. You may get some dribble on your shoes, but oh well, hah hah.

Start using a command like "Go potty" so your dog starts associating the command with what you want her to do. Once your dog goes potty outside, click (if you use a clicker) and treat. Praise and treat every time your dog goes bathroom outside until his potty habits are completely solid. You should still treat after the habit is solid, but only need to do every so often.
I second using a house leash. it gives you more control over where the do is and you observe the dog better ans so analyse it's signals when he needs to get out faster.
if you're too slow bringing the dog out or not able to read his signals correctly: not the dog fault, try being faster next time.
clean and ignore.

if he's doing his business where he should, say your command/cue, treat and throw a party.
it can take a few weeks so stay patient, gentle and consistent. :)
the leash thing didn't work for me cuz my pup would just try to chew on it.

I started her on pee pads at the beginning too (at 8 weeks) and ran into the same problem, she wouldn't go outside! So I started bringing her pee pads outside with me. If she started peeing I would say "go pee" or "go poo" while she was doing it and once she was done I praised her like crazy and even did a little celebratory dance. I looked like an idiot but it worked! Eventually I didn't need the pads anymore and she goes pee on command now (she's almost 6 months old now).

I had to take her out every 30 mins, every time after a nap and after a play session. Anytime I was 1 second too late I just had to quietly clean up her mess. Sometimes when I know she has to go and she didn't do it when I took her out, we would come back inside for 5 mins and then I would take her out again and wait again.

Stick with it, it takes a lot of patience and consistency. At one point I was about to lose hope and she just suddenly "got it". She was in the middle of playing with her toy, stopped abruptly and ran to the door to be let out.
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