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Help with dog urine smell!!

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I'm very new here as of this morning, so I apologize in advance of this is not the right place for this.

My husband and I received a rug from his parents a week ago and the SECOND we unrolled it, it smelled like stale dog urine (I'm talking the last dog they had passed away 10 years ago.) As stubborn as my husband is, he said to leave it and let it air out. Long story short, we gave it back to his parents (yesterday) and low and behold, the smell has soaked itself into our hardwood floors! the floors are oak, if this helps at all.

I have gone over the entire space the rug was with Natures Miracle for hard surfaces a half dozen times now and can still smell the stale urine. I don't want to spend money on anything else until I know for sure it works (especially considering this stuff had by far the greatest ratings!)

We are so irate at this situation seeing as it's our very first home and we just moved in in August. We plan to have Thanksgiving and before that a housewarming party but would really like it to smell good in here before that!!

Please help us!
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This might just be a case of the smell lingering in the air. If you're able, open the windows and make sure you get a nice cross-breeze.

Without the article with the urine on it in the house, the smell should be gone in a week or two, let alone by Thanksgiving. :)

I would tell a friend about the situation and ask them to come over and be a "smell tester" for you. I find that when I'm aware of an odor in my home, I'm hyper sensitive to it and notice it more than others do. Someone who doesn't live there can give you more of an accurate opinion. Just make sure they're willing to be honest.

Good luck! Nature's Miracle is what got rid of cat urine smells for me, even old ones. Old, stale ones shouldn't be able to transfer to a hard surface like that.
Thank you for your reply! All of your advice was much needed. We will invite an honest friend over and let it air out. It's just starting to get chilly here, so tomorrow afternoon hopefully it's warm enough to open all the windows!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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