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I have a wonderful 5month female puppy called Cookie that I have been trying to toilet train. We use the indoor method with pads in the same place and in the same room. To start with this is the only room she has access to. This worked straight away and still does, However, as soon as we open it up outside this room (another 1-2rooms) she is hit and miss as to if she goes back to the pad or not. The doors are always open so she does have access. If she does mistake in the wrong room and you shout she runs straight through into the correct room as if she knows what she has done. I have tried going back to limiting her to that room with no problems but it's when we open it up again we are struggling to get her to always go back even with lots of praise and treats when she's does.

In all other areas she is just amazing!

Any help or people that we could speak to please

Many thanks


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