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Okay, read the not shedding entries. I live in NC. Yes, weather has been more than strange. Went from Winter to Winter/Spring/Summer depending on the day. Wettest Winter ever, but mostly rain. Very little snow. The point is, dogs are barely shedding. The Berner/Aussie mix- 10 year old female, Clauddagh (we think on the breed) is shedding little but the fur is coming out normally when it comes. Our 8 year old male Aussie/Irish Setter mix- Kody, (again, we think...both rescues) is another story. Fur is dead, but not releasing. It stays attached to the skin. Because of the difference in texture, it then entwines with new fur and causes the worst matting I've ever seen. This has never happened in the 7 years he's been with us. Have tried brushing daily, but that doesn't help the fur that is still attached. Bathing works on the Berner mix (globs of fur come out) but not on the Irish mix. He looks an absolute scruffy mess. I have resorted to cutting or shaving the matts off as there is absolutely no getting through them. His fur can be okay in the morning then by afternoon, he has matts down to the skin the size of rats! We thought about keeping the matts and naming them as pets! All we need to do is add googly eyes and whiskers!
If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE HELP. Have tried every type of brush available as well as just about every shampoo/conditioner. Deshedding brushes, rakes, shampoos or conditioners seem to do absolutely nothing except get caught and pull horribly when they work great for the Berner. I know the fur texture is different but am at a loss. :eek::cry:
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