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He could be developing an abscess, which is an infection. Dog fights will also leave a lot of swelling and bruising. That may be why he's wheezing...His neck is swollen and it's stressing his trachea.

I work at a vet clinic and no, they probably will not see him unless you can pay for an exam. You can phone ahead to find out how much that is. It's usually between $40 and $60. I would suggest applying for care credit. It's a special credit card that can be used for health care, and most veterinary clinics accept it. The other nice thing is that they give you 6 months interest free to pay it off. You can apply here: Healthcare Financing Credit Card | CareCredit

You can also consider selling some of your belongings to pay for his vet bills....A smart phone can go for several hundred, and you can downgrade to a cheap flip phone or track phone for a while. TV's also sell pretty good, especially if it's a newer HDTV. Maybe you have furniture you didn't really like anyway. You can also cancel any subscriptions like cable, or downgrade your internet. At least temporarily. It'll help you pay off care credit if you get approved.

There's also this thread, which might be handy...Lots of tips and suggestions for how to afford vet care:

In the mean time, I would suggest fully separating these dogs. Permanently. Or at least until you can hire a behaviorist to help you out. What you've described is not dominance. It's aggression. And you're very lucky the chihuahua was not killed. A behaviorist can help you figure out what's triggering the aggression in the dogs, and how to figure it out. Here's a thread on finding a force free behaviorist or trainer to help you out:
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