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I have a 5&1/2 month old GSD puppy, Lola. She fractured a weight bearing toe on her left front paw 3 weeks ago. She was on splint for 2 weeks (got it changed every 6 days) and on a bandage wrap for the last week. Finally the bandage was removed and it was seen that she had sores and some infection in her leg due to the splint and bandages. The X-rays show that the fracture has heeled very well and we are advised to not let her jump, run or use stairs. The vet also gave us antibiotics for the infection and pain medicines for her to start using her toe. They said she will be limping for sometime and gradually start to put her weight on her paw due to muscle atrophy.

But the concern here is she is showing a Carpal Laxity i.e. her paw is looking flat and she kind of walks on her forearm instead of the tip of the paw and the ankle is bent more than normal. When she was removed from the splint and and put on just bandage, she started to walk on her forearm because she could not walk on her toe, but had a flexibility to use her forearm to walk. After the bandage is removed she is still doing the same. She is limping and refuses to put her weight on her toe, she uses her toe when she is distracted and keeps lifting it when she is conscious of it. The Vet said the Laxity will go in 1-2 weeks and she will start walking straight on her toe, it has been 3 days since the bandage is removed and we do not see any improvement. Please help me with suggestions if anyone else has a similar experience.
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