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My dog, Baxter is 3 years old. I got him 2 years ago and am confused on his breed. Initially the rescue society said he was a Morkie-Poo. When I got his license it said Yorkie-Poo. But when I look at pics he doesn't seem to fit either of those mixed breeds. Anyone have any ideas?

Details - Around 12 pounds. 14-16 inches tall, maybe? Whitish coat with a strange patch on his back that is orangish/brownish. He has an overbite, dark almond eyes, black nose. He is VERY alert, inquisitive, and intelligent. Really good guard dog. Very hyper and loves to go on walks. He doesn't like to share his toys or treats and will hide them. Although his ears appear floppy, they are triangle shape underneath the hair. His hair grows very fast and I have to shave him once a month. Underneath his hair, his skin is very pinkish and tends to be flaky, almost like dry skin? He is great with kids, other dogs, and even cats. He is not okay with rough play and prefers to play catch over anything else. He seems to have a sturdy chest and back and muscular thighs.

If anyone could give me any insight, that would be great. Thanks much!


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