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help me evaluate my new dog

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I rescued a dog from going to the shelter in Sacramento
his name is Bubba I've had him for 2 weeks he's my first ever dog so I'm confused and need some help about some of his behaviors and if I'm doing the right things.

He's a Lab Pit Mix.

-First of all I learned that my Wife is very allergic to him so, hitch 1 he doesn't stay inside with us as originally planned. we keep him outside. I live in an apartment so the backyard is only 10 by 20 feet.

-He does play with my kids about 1 - 2 hours a day. I jog him for 15 minutes in the morning and walk him for 30 minutes in the evening.

-I thought he was skinny but I'm not sure he looks healthy except you can see his ribs a little through his skin. I'll post a picture when my camera's working.

-He seems very fearful of loud noises and sudden noises, but he's very outgoing to go up to strangers to be petted. and will play with any and all dogs. although when a fight breaks out in the dog park he runs and hides.

-He doesn't take treats like pupperoni I bought from the store. and he won't play with toys, the few that I've tried. he doesn't chase after any toys and he'll only eat dry food if its mixed with wet.

-He's never barked once which is odd. he's never showed aggression to anyone not a growl or anything even at my 3 year old who can test anyone. Ears are almost always back but tail is never tucked under unless he's really scared.

Any insight on what he needs would be greatly appreciated
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Has the dog been groomed? Its likely he's filthy from being in the pound and could be the source of the "allergies"

The best place for the dog honestly is inside...your just asking for trouble keeping him outside...he will start to bark, especially if things scare him and the other tenants will likely complain.

Fear can explode into aggression if pushed. I suggest you start him on NILIF and even contact a postive trainer.

good luck

It is unfortunate that she is having allergies to him. I agree he should be groomed if he hasnt yet to see if it helps. Its difficult to keep a dog outdoors who seems to be as fearful of noise as he is, which is common in pound puppies. I would suggest more time with him, kids dont know how to train a dog properly so more time with you will be good for him. Definitely speak with a trainer as well. Goodluck hope all works out
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