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Help me choose a dog

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We are moving into a house with a large yard, and I would like to get a dog.

Looking for the following traits:
Size dog: Medium - large
Yard: Large
Exercise: I am willing to do 1x 45 min walk a day
Grooming: Willing to groom 1x a week
Kid and cat-friendly
I work from home a lot, but dog must be okay to be home alone for 8 hours 1-2 times a week. Don't want a dog who barks excessively or needs excessive attention (while I am at home, I do need to get some work done!). Lying at my feet while I am working on the computer is fine. The dog will sleep inside with us. We also like to travel, so the dog must be okay staying with a pet-sitter for a week or two per year.
Would prefer to adopt a puppy, so that he can be trained to be okay with the cat.
Please help me choose!
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I agree with Josnne's suggestions above.

How old are your kids?

I had a lab/weimaraner mix and he was very good around cats (at my sister in law had 3 at the time we got humans we would visit her a lot) and kids (at the time we got him my kids were both very young). Both need training, but in general labs and Goldens are pretty good family dogs. Steer clear of dogs with high prey drives (as they'd be the breeds likely to injure a cat)

You'll have to supervise younger kids around any dog...making sure they're not pulling ears/tails or being rough with the dog. Meal time is another time to make sure your kids understand that the dog doesn't want to be interrupted while it's eating.

If the your kids are older, they can help as well with playing appropriately with the dog (plus side it tires out both dog and kid)

If your family is in agreement with getting a dog, you can check out local rescues/shelters who will work with your situation to find a good dog to fit your family (they will test adult dogs with cats to see how they get along.) From time to time they will likely have litters of puppies come in as well.
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