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Help me choose a dog

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We are moving into a house with a large yard, and I would like to get a dog.

Looking for the following traits:
Size dog: Medium - large
Yard: Large
Exercise: I am willing to do 1x 45 min walk a day
Grooming: Willing to groom 1x a week
Kid and cat-friendly
I work from home a lot, but dog must be okay to be home alone for 8 hours 1-2 times a week. Don't want a dog who barks excessively or needs excessive attention (while I am at home, I do need to get some work done!). Lying at my feet while I am working on the computer is fine. The dog will sleep inside with us. We also like to travel, so the dog must be okay staying with a pet-sitter for a week or two per year.
Would prefer to adopt a puppy, so that he can be trained to be okay with the cat.
Please help me choose!
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Other than the concern about cats, is there a particular reason you are looking at puppies?

Because your situation sounds like an adult dog from a good, thorough, rescue would be a better fit. Outside of the adjustment period, you can probably find a dog that is already housetrained, tested with kids, has known prey drive, known exercise needs, settled down, and would take a lot of the guesswork out of a puppy and breed to an extent.
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