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Help me choose a dog

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We are moving into a house with a large yard, and I would like to get a dog.

Looking for the following traits:
Size dog: Medium - large
Yard: Large
Exercise: I am willing to do 1x 45 min walk a day
Grooming: Willing to groom 1x a week
Kid and cat-friendly
I work from home a lot, but dog must be okay to be home alone for 8 hours 1-2 times a week. Don't want a dog who barks excessively or needs excessive attention (while I am at home, I do need to get some work done!). Lying at my feet while I am working on the computer is fine. The dog will sleep inside with us. We also like to travel, so the dog must be okay staying with a pet-sitter for a week or two per year.
Would prefer to adopt a puppy, so that he can be trained to be okay with the cat.
Please help me choose!
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Your exercise sounds a bit on the short side for a medium to large dog, and although dogs can be left for up to 8 hours, that has to be built up over time. You couldn't leave a puppy. Would a dog walker be possible, calling in several times in the day for the puppy and cutting down as he matures?

Also, I suggest this to a lot of people in your situation.

For the next month, act like you have an adult dog. Get up an hour earlier than normal, take an hour long walk. Do the same in the evening after work - and when you are not working from home, come straight home from work; no shopping, gym, socialising. Do this every day, without fail, regardless of the weather.

Be aware of the season, and remind yourself every morning that for several months of the year you will be doing this in the cold and dark.

Also put away what you think a dog will cost for food, insurance, vet bill excesses, toys etc, then add 10% because we always underestimate these things.

That will give you a good insight into some of the commitment you will need to make.

Don't think about what a dog will bring to your family, think about what your family can offer to a dog.
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