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It's not an unreasonable guess. Just remember:

#1 A surprising amount of breeds have webbed feet

#2 a lot of breeds carry the brindle gene...and especially the bully breeds, and with so many bully mixes running around it's hard to see brindle and not think it is coming from a bully breed in the family tree.

#3 once you get away from the brindle color, the plott hound structurally is quite similar to many other coonhounds and even smooth coat gundogs (pointers etc) especially if you are thinking a 'mix' because then you can't really draw a lot from ear size without knowing the non-plott parent.

As it stands though, from the one picture, the ears aren't right for it to be anything more than a plott mix. Coat looks a little like a black lab, which would also explain the webbed feet. And I really don't see anything that makes me think Plott vs brindle pit x lab or some other similar mix.

What it really comes down to though is a lot of dogs look very similar externally, but the real distinction is the 'software'...what's between the dog's ears. Does your dog have a lot of behaviors that makes you think Plott hound, or hound at all?
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