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Hi guys!

So I came home to a bit of a mess in the crate last night/this morning :( Tux had thrown up and it was very gross for both of us. What had me worried is that when I brought him outside to poop and had a bit of diarrhea (no blood, just gross soft). He also whined a bit, but I think that is due to the fact that it is chilly and I gave him a tub after being in a vomit cage because ick.

Now my worry is that he ate something he wasn't suppose to (he loves to try and find Momma's highlighters and destroy them). He is never out of my sight for very long, but the other day while doing work I did catch him nibbling on such a highlighter after like a minute of being away from me, so I am thinking this is the result of that. Of course I am neurotic and instantly think of a intestinal blockage of some sort. I saw all of this around 1-2AM (is is 6:30AM now) and currently he seems to be fine. He just ate and drank a bunch of water and is happily chewing a chew toy (and waiting for me to throw it).

Should I bring him to the vet or wait a bit and see? Hope you guys can give some advice because I am afraid that I am overreacting. :eek:
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