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Hello guys,
I adopted my gsd puppy 20 days back.
He is super cute,healthy and fluffy gsd pup.
Problem begins from when i took him to vet for his first shot of vaccination, the doc administered him with 6 in 1 vaccine combination and we brought him back home.
As we got home my pup started vomiting and he did it 2-3 times and then we rushed him back to vet immediately after that, the doc the administered him with adrenaline shot suspecting he might be at harm.
So after 2 days the area where he was administered shot lost all its hair and his skin was exposed ! Mind it he is a long haired gsd pup so i took him back to vet and doc cleared that area of hair and it exposed a round patch of hardened skin underneath it and gave us few antibiotics and called us back after two days for followback.
After two days when we took him back to vet the vet observed the area was not healing and told us that the round patch is NECROSIS which is dead skin and it is restricting the blood flow through the patch of skin and suggested surgical removal of the skin under local anesthesia toh my pup.
We got scared and took 5 opinions from different vets all across and all suggested surgical removal and were shocked to see the reaction of vaccine and also told that it might be due to anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine.
So we took him back the doc who administered the vaccine and got it surgically removed on 4th of july.
My pup got almost 15 stiches internal and external.
My pup is now 55 days old and he poops and play and eats normaly even before and now after the surgery.
He still has stiches there and are due to be removed on wednesday.
His skin is all blue is that normal for pups ?
And he has hardened dandruff like scales near the area of bandages and i am really concerned that is that necrosis thing coming back or is it really dandruffs stuff..i consulted vet and he said its all normal but i have my suspicion.
I am a first time pet parent and i an really distressed since my lovely pet got his first shot.
Please help !!
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Ive never heard of this complication from a vaccine shot but I have heard of this when people get dermal fillers.

Its a rare complication and normally heals well..However in humans repeated injections at the same site after a reaction are not advised..
I would find a different vet for any future treatment and make sure the new vet is very aware of whats happened
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