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HELP! Dog has become aggressive toward me

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I have a mini doxie and I got him four years ago. He has lived with me in college and now he lives with me at home with my parents.

This last year I left for 10 months and he was in the care of my parents and now that I am home, he has become aggressive toward me. He acts happy about my arrival home each day for about 1 minute and then he goes completely still with his tail sticking straight up and he walks away with this terrified look as if I am a scary stranger who is going to hurt him. He growls at me, and his hair goes up. He won't play ball with me anymore, and I have been trying to improve this to no avail. I take him on a walk every day and try to play ball. I give him treats etc.

I usually just stop whatever I am doing and walk away when he becomes still and growls, but I want to know what else I can do?

Is this normal behavior, or should I be concerned?

Please, any advice on this will be greatly appreciated. I miss him and want him to know I am still the same and love him. It's really sad!

Thanks all.

Minidachshundmama - Chicago
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Welcome to Dog Forum. Sorry you're here under such distress circumstances.

Were there any changes while you were gone? Anything since you returned home (other than your return)?

Do you know what types of things your parents did with him while he was in their care (e.g., training, trips, visitors)?

Has he been to the vet specifically for his behavior? A vet can check to ensure there are no medical causes for his behavior change.

How exactly have you been trying to change his reaction towards you?
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Hey thank you for the reply! I plan to take him to the vet to have him checked out, he is due for a check-up anyhow.

I know that my parents never took him anywhere, and his only visitors would have been my grandma(s) for example. My brother and sister moved out of the house while I was gone. I don't think they tried to implement any new training, I think he became very protective over my small nephew since he didn't have me around and now my nephew and sister are out of the house. I will have to get more details on his life while I was gone to bring with to the vet.

I am not doing anything major because I don't want to stress him any extra, but I am taking him for walks and playing ball. I need to be the one who gives him his food as well I think. I have been slowly getting every piece of clothing I brought back with me into the wash so that they smell like here and less like Spain. Other than that I don't know what else I could try.

We have a yellow lab as well, and she is completely fine with me, but she is the family dog so she never got upset when I would leave. I always say hello to her first because she runs right up to me, but should I focus more on my doxie?

Thanks again.
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I love dachsies, the badger dog.

Dachs tend to be one person dogs - and being away for 10 months, did the dog adopt another member of the family?
Once he's cleared medically then time is going to be your friend in getting him to bond to you.

Start making every interaction with you a positive one, and try to limit doing anything that he'd view a unpleasant. So if he hates baths try having someone else be the one to give him one, or have a groomer do it for you. If you go the groomer route then take him somewhere fun first, then to the groomer, then somewhere else fun so that the does not view car rides with you as something horrid.

Be the one to feed him, train fun tricks, take him for walks and to fun places like the park, play with him, etc.

As I said, it will take time. My friend raised Zody a Chi x Dach, two breeds known for being one person dogs, then gave him to me when he was just over a year old. Zody was perfectly willing to wait till snowed in south Texas in August, for her to come back to him. He treated me as a servant but little else. For her he lit up and was super happy, with me it was, oh, your home, whatever. I got him in March, he was still acting that way in October, just about the time I was ready to give up he finally decided to except me into his heart. It was worth the wait.

Hopefully your boy does not take as long to come around.
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