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Help!! Do I need to take my dog to an emergency vet?

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I checked my puppy's spay incision (procedure was done four days ago on Friday) this morning and it looked alright, or maybe it didn't but it was obscured by crusty surgical glue, and anyway I checked it again tonight and all the glue is gone and it sort of looks like the incision is opening?? It kind of looks like there are flaps of skin? There is a glistening/shiny spot showing and I think there is an exposed suture. There is no bleeding or leaking pus. Is this an emergency? Am I overreacting or do I need to take my little girl to an emergency vet right now? I am sitting with her and keeping her very still for now, hoping someone will respond here. If I don't get any responses soon I will just take her to the emergency vet. Thanks in advance and sorry for the freak out.


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Ugh, I'm late to the party and hope that you at least called the e-vet and heard what they had to say.

Personally I'd take her in to be on the safe side. Back when I had my terrier mix he managed to get out all his stitches the day I brought him home from his neuter. I called the vet and asked if he was supposed to have stitches and was told yes. When I said that they were gone I was told to bring him right back.

Your dog could get the incision dirty and it will be in danger of getting infected. You might be able to leave her to morning, but personally I would not take the chance with an open surgical wound.

If she managed that because she does not have the cone of shame, aka elizabethen collar, then ask for one at the vet and make sure she wears it when you cannot be watching her. I really wish I had known about them when I had my terrier, I could have saved myself a lot of money, and my dog a lot of unnecessary pain and an infection because he would not leave the incision alone.
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These questions always make me grateful to our vets.
We would just phone. If it's the middle of the night, we get a call back.
Then we explain the problem, and if it's not an emergency, we get verbal instructions, and make a regular appointment in the morning (if necessary). We've never been charged for the telephone advice.
Let us know what happens?
So my husband convinced me to wait until morning due to the lack of discharge/pus/blood/etc. Took her to the vet and the vet said it was healing normally and everything was perfectly fine. I still think it looks weird and worrisome, but I'm not a vet. Happy it's healing well.
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Yay! I kinda sorta thought it looked okay, but wouldn't dare say it, not being a vet or tech.

and thanks goodness for husband's with cooler heads.

I'm a worry wort too, so I run things by my man. If he's worried, it's time to jump.
Thanks for updating us!

It looked like it had opened to me, but was not infected or anything. I'm glad that your girl is doing well and that it turned out to be nothing to be concerned about.
Im just a pharmacist, but from experience seeing split stitches, sores and wounds, I think this looks fine. It isnt the tidiest spay job I ever saw. That may explain the wobbly, uneven appearance. But if there is no discharge, oozing, smell or blood, it can be assumed all is well.

Very naughty dogs can slip their cone and destroy stiches in minutes. So if this happens, get her looked at. Keep that cone on at all times, even if you dont see her touching the wound. Be tough ;)
Thanks everyone for the thoughts and advice! My vet said that what sort of looks (to me) like the incision opening is okay as long as it's vertical (the "flaps" I was talking about) and it's only if it starts to look like it's opening horizontally when looking at it from above that it's a problem. Although the vertical gap might cause some increased scar tissue, but whatever.
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