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Hello my Friends,

my name is Badiah, i am a Sibirian Husky.
I got a sad story to tell.
My Human-Daddy, gave me to a Dogsitting Girl, but the wasn't serious.
When my Daddy want to get me back, she was telling him I was running away from her, but she was lying, she just sold me via the internet to another guy.
When my Daddy recognized this, he gave everything to get me back, and he gets me back after 24h already.
A Big Facebook search action gave the right clue.

Now i am back, but i have had an accident during this whole time, when i was away from may Dad.
We were already 3 times at the Dog Doctor, and i need an Eye-Operation.

My Human-Dad doesn't know how he should pay this, because it will be getting much expensive :(

To earn some money, we did make some Videos on Youtube and hope to get some clicks and subscribers, to get some money for the OP!!!

Please share this to help!!!

And if you like German enjoy this:

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