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Hello there!

I wanted to introduce myself and my dogs.
I am 23 and work as a kennel tech at a boarding/grooming kennel. I also work supervising playgroups at a daycare/training facility.

My terrier mix Huxley is a 2.5 year old female. She is a 19 pound powerhouse, and we just got into Barn Hunt! She is a natural. She is dog reactive and we are working on that with training but it's a long road. She is also my in-home service dog- she doesn't work in public because she reacts to new/strange dogs on the leash. But at home she is so helpful to me, making my life more livable.

I am also taking home a male Silken Windhound puppy in a few weeks! His name is Sega and he is 8 weeks today. I am taking him home at 13 weeks. With him I want to try showing in conformation for the first time, and even try out a few different sports with him to see what he is suited to. There is a very active flyball team near me that has other Silken Wimdhounds on it :)

Anyway, I look forward to participating in the threads here!


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