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Hello from the UK

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I am mad about all animals, but my dogs are my world, We have three dogs, Bruce our Rottweiler, Bruce is now 13 years old, he is been with us for 10 years, he came from the Rottweiler rescue trust, and i love him with all my heart. he is my old boy, then there is Poppy she is a English springer spaniel and she is 10 years old, she is another rescue and has been with us for 7 years, she is very cuddly and loving, then there is my baby Megan, she is a Newfoundland, she is nearly 6 years old, I call her my baby because she is the only dog I have had from 10 weeks old. Megan thinks she is a lap dog and I haven't the heart to tell her otherwise ;)
And here they are:



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welcome and beautiful dogs!
Beautiful pictures!! I think your Springer is especially cute. Did you take them yourself?

Welcome to the forum!:)
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