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Hello from Tennessee!

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I recently found this forum and am looking forward to participating:)

I have spent my life in the country, so big dogs are my preference.

While Rottweilers own my soul, I have lost three to cancer over the years and cannot go thru that one more time.

I have rescued many dogs, most of them were dumped, some were newspaper ads, and my latest is my one and only shelter dog.

I currently have two Catahoula/mixes; one was dumped on the road below me six years ago, the yearling is the shelter dog.

We are pretty sure the elder Catahoula also has Fox Terrier in him. He is white w/dark brown spots, ice blue eyes, and muscular, albeit he has gained weight since my Dobe/Rott passed. He has been alone all summer and mopey so I am hoping this new High Voltage pup will get him moving.

This younger one has Flying Nun ears that he can raise straight up, one at a time. He is lanky built dog, tan/liver (almost a merle) with a white chest and amber/brown eyes.

Both dogs are what I call "Rottweiler smart" and they have even shorter hair, which is great as they are house dogs. They have an 1/8th acre back yard and the older dog is allowed in the real world of the farm, when one of us is outside but they live in the house.

The younger dog has a ways to go, in terms of discipline, before I cut him loose on the farm. While the older dog has always asked for permission first, this young one believes in committing the sin and asking forgiveness later. The barn cats do not appreciate him and I have one horse that will send him rolling if he tries to do too much herding:)

I know pics are a must. I'm working on it:)
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Pics added

I guess the "edit" button has expired, so here my two Guardians.

I have inherited a third very senior Lab when the neighbors moved but Photobucket is being a PITA and I was lucky to get this pic uploaded.

Mason is ~7-8 years and is the white w/blue eyes fella. He is Catahoula/Fox Terrier and very laid back. Almost a Stepford dog and never makes a mistake.

Sheldon is the new kid, about 14 months and is Catahoula/Pit Bull mix. He lives up to the Catahoula "high energy" profile. Sheldon's liver/tan coloring lets him blend in with everything. He is hard to find at the fence line at dusk, with the leaves turning, lol

Both dogs are extremely intelligent and learn fast but Sheldon is way too exhuberant around the horses and barn cats. He has a ways to go before he is allowed in the real world off the lunge line.
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