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Decided to join this forum as it seems like a great, dog-loving community.
I am currently owned by 2 wonderful dogs, a pair of lovely cats. A little Tortoiseshell Syrian hamster and 3 parrots!
Yup it's a bit of a zoo here. :D
Wouldn't have it any other way though.

Here's a bit more info on each of my babies:
The one who's been here the longest is my male rescue tabby cat, Benji.
He's an absolute mama's boy who can't leave my side for more then a few
minutes. He'll be 2 this month, and I got him when he was 5 months.
Next, would be my female tuxedo girl Fae. She was rescued from Craigslist(A stray birth, I believe) as a kitten at barely 2 months. She's a bit of a sassy one, but they both balance each other out well. She will be 2 in early July.

Now onto my pups. First here is my female Bullmastiff Tahlia, who was also a craigslist rescue. The family was moving immediately and couldn't take her, so we made the long 8 hour total, last minute drive to get her when she was 10 months old.
To say the least, they really didn't take good care of her. As a mastiff, she needed a lower protein diet as a pup which she didn't get and it didn't help that they kept her outside on concrete most of her puppyhood. They loved her, but I don't think they knew how to care for a mastiff.
She's now on Glucosamine and has improved loads! She still has some rough calluses on her elbows, feet and ankles which may stay there. But I adore her, she's the sweetest little princess. She will be three on Sept. 27th.

Next would be our most recent, a little MinPin/Chihuahua cross rescue named Alphie. We got him last April when he was 6 and he'll be celebrating his first birthday here with us soon! He is a typical little dog, a bit on the yappier side. And came to us very scared and skiddish, but with patience and love he's shown his affectionate side. And I love the little guy.

Onto the more exotic fur(and feather!) babies.
First here was my cockatiel DNA'd hen, Mimi. She turned a year old a couple months back, and I've had her since she was about 2 months old. Her exact mutation is Cinnamon Pearled spilt to pied, and she is a little sweetheart.
The little Syrian hamster then came home at about 1 month in July. Her name is Kirika and is a cute little thing who enjoys all the space her 55gal tank provides.

Then Yuka joined the zoo, a Pineapple mutation Green Cheek Conure. She hasn't been DNA'd yet but is assumed a female by her breeder. She is 8 months old right now and I got her in late September at around 3 months.
And lastly and most recently, little Kumo! He's a violet/cobalt blue Fischer lovebird I got on New Years. He's a year and a few months old, and hasn't been DNA'd yet either but is assumed male by his breeder.

Here's a link to some pictures of each of them: Mobile Uploads Slideshow by Sylvi_ | Photobucket
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