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Hi all,

I'm Julia, and our two little dogs are Daisy and Otis.

They are sweet as pie, though still dealing with a few issues, but they're doing their best every day, as are we. We adopted them about a year ago, and met them as the bonded pair they are. They are thought to be father and daughter, and while I believe they're related, they didn't come with a genealogy chart, so we don't know for sure, which is just fine with all of us. They are likely maltese/poodle mixes, but frankly, they could be martians and we would love them just the same. Their favorite treats are apple slices, and their absolute all time favorite thing to do is to cuddle underneath blankets, especially under this one we found that looks kind of like their own fur, lol.

I joined this forum because I've been perusing it for a while now, and have some questions of my own that I could use advice on, and I hope to be able to lend advice on any issues I can to other pup parents.
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