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My named is BIteWorkHeeler (You could call me Michaela if you wanted) and I have just recently started here after being HorseForum for almost seven years now.

I grew up showing conformation dogs, as that was what my Mom did, and I was very competitive in Juniors. I took a break at the end of high school and started working on a ranch, so I got a stock dog. He is a heeler, ACD, whichever you prefer - Mostly anyway. His dam was a Border Collie/ACD cross. He has made for an excellent working animal. He is coming two years old, his name is Zico.

I am also the owner of a Black and Tan Coonhound, "Fullmoons King Under The Mountain" aka Thorin, who just turned a year old today. We owner his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. He will be shown in the breed, but I suspect he will be my last conformation dog.

Zico and I started a new journey last summer in Schutzhund/IPO. He is still fairly inconsistent in his work but he has come along very well. We are aiming to trial for our BH title in May if everything comes together well. He is the only non working type dog in the club, among GSDs and Malinois, but everyone has been very welcoming of us.

Outside of dogs I also became a professional horse trainer last year, after being an apprentice since I was a young teen. I take on outside horses and give lessons which has been extremely rewarding.

Looking forward to meeting everyone. Here are some photos of Zico and Thorin.


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