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Hello, From me and this Goofball

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Hi! Names Will (but that's not important) here's my best friend of all time Bucket. Bucket got his name from when I took him home from an adoption event and brought him inside, as he snooped around he climbed into a small 1gal bucket and the name stuck ever since. Now I have some questions:
1) I'm not really sure what all bucket has in him. I know at least husky and GSD.

2) if i cuddle up to him or put any sort of weight on or around him he growls. He doesn't bark or snap, he doesn't even get up or show his teeth, he just growls with his mouth closed.

3) when me and bucket play, I like to nibble at his ears or paws (I know that sounds very strange but if it's common behavior in play for dogs then I see it ok if I do it once in a while with bucket) and it's not a heavy nibble either, just a very light teeth. But whenever I do that, he will snap at me and act like he's going to bite my, but as soon as his teeth touch me he just licks.

I'm curious about his behavior and was wondering if anybody could help me. Thanks!!


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Hi there! He's really cute!
1) GSD and husky is all I see in him but then again I'm no expert ha
2) have you had him checked out by the vet? He could be sore, If not some dogs just don't like others to be too close to them!
3) I, honestly, would stop doing that. He doesn't seem to like it. Sure dogs do it to each other but you're not a dog and he knows that, maybe he doesn't know that you're trying to play? Either that or he's just playing back, you're biting him so he'll do what he would if another dog was doing it to him, which would be to play bite back.
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