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Hi my name is Barney and I am 1 year 2 months old. I was born in McAllen TX. My Momma is a Dachshund and My Daddy is a Traveling Man who stopped by to make Momma Pregnant before she had a chance to get spayed. So myself and my Sisters were well cared for at Doctor Doolittles Rescue Ranch in McAllen before they found me a home on Petfinder. I look like my Mama except that daddys long legs were gifted me so I could run like the Wind. I have a big backyard now instead of a crate that took me at 3.5 months across to my home in Jersey. I am a good boy and Momma had to stop me from playing with rocks. But she trained me real good to Trade a rock for a treat. I figured it out and was bringing lots of rocks to the door and momma said, Oh My Dog Barney, now you are getting too many snacks! Shoot! Was good while it lasted. Momma and Daddy had a Westie before and he was blind before he went to the Big Star in the sky. He was 16.5 years old. Momma said he had the best hair ever and she even groomed him. All she has to do for me is my nails though. She does brush my teeth. I sleep with all my stuffed animals (that i have not chewed up) and get under the covers and leave a tiny peekhole. Momma says I look like ET in the Closet most times. Momma plays Soft piano music for me when I go into my crate to sleep every night. Anyway, I could go on and on but Momma put a post in because she is concerned about a red thingie that cropped up on my belly. Daddy said I can wait until I have my appointment with the doctor in two weeks but Momma obsesses over everything! I weigh 22 pounds and supposed to be on a diet because the Vet said I should be 17 pounds. Momma is trying but I find tree roots outside that I like to chew and eat. I think its roughage and I sure do like to chew the wood! So I will say Hello for right now and send kisses to ya'll, (please look for Mommies message under skin as she put it with someone elses post, thanks. Hope to get to know you all!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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