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Hello everyone.

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My name is Robert and I would like to introduce myself and my dog Lili.
I sign up to the forum as I'm in Kafka's style situation and I hope I will be able to get some advice.
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Welcome Robert! So you're Kafka reference means a time of great change, or something else entirely? I'm afraid I personally would need more to go on...
It's more like a situation which is totally absurd never should happened but you have a feeling there is now no way out.
I will describe my situation.

I left the my Lili with person I knew because I were going for holiday. Lili finished season in my opinion but to make sure I informed the person who was going to take care temporary about Lili to keep Lili unattended seperate from the dogs the person own. I went abroad and two days later she send me a message with apologies that One of her dog mated with my bitch. I ignored because I were sure nothing could happened. Was wrong few weeks later milk appears on teats. Made scan which showed pregnancy. After the delivery there were two puppies I offered her a stud fee she didn't wanted. Later when I sold one puppy (one was mine another my wife) she start to demand 900 pounds. Refused. She arrived next day demanding money or another puppy. Explain what cost I had the damages which puppies done and hard work for many weeks to keep house clean. She start to scared me with small case court what I said it's all right. The same day she send guy who break in until my home and tried to steal the puppy. Police arrived.
Now she get a case to small claum court. Is anybody had similar situation, please.
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You could contact Trevor Cooper at

But, as I understand it, in the UK if you own the bitch, you own the pups. You could warn her off by saying that an unplanned mating could have been dangerous for your dog, even killed her, and that allowing the mating to happen was highly irresponsible behaviour.

What breeds are the dogs? If the male was larger, that was a very high risk pregnancy.

I don't understand how your wife fits in this? Was she the one you left Lilli with?
Thanks for a reply. I will contact with the person. The risk for Lili was of course massive and Lili were part of family. I spend lots of time training her what she loved. This is the link for the video I made some day

I start to train her Because she have been very unsecured from puppy. I read it should built up her self confidence.

Anyway my Lili is Golden fully pedigree with many champions in family the other dog was border Collie possibly because have no papers.

My wife been pregnant and when puppies been 4 weeks she gave me second wonderful son, but the puppies just made our time so difficult.

I don't understand last question.
Just that you said there were two puppies, one was your and one was your wife’s. I didn’t understand why you had said that, what relevance it had to the person who was looking after Lili when she was mated.
Lili born 2 puppies. As we both owners of Lili we registered one for my wife and another for me as the owners. I just wonder s it make any different in situation.
Howdy from Reno, NV USA and welcome to the forum. 🤠
Hello from Leicester, UK.
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Welcome Robert! So you're Kafka reference means a time of great change, or something else entirely? I'm afraid I personally would need more to go on...
Hi. I mean the situation it's hard to find the way out. I wrote the situation in details in this thread I can copy in reply to you if you wish.
Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Yes, more information of the situation you find yourself in would be most helpful.
I wrote more details of the situation in the thread I can copy as reply to you if you wish.
No need to copy and paste anything. I posted that before you explained. I can always go back to the first unread [by me] and catch up. :)

It's amazing how often situations like yours happen. You leave your intact dog with the owner of another (male) intact dog, and lo and behold, when you come back, you find an unwanted pregnancy on your hands.

What made you think she was out of season? If it's because she stopped bleeding, that's an indication of the second, fertile stage of the heat.

You are the owner of the bitch, therefore you're the owner of the puppies. You offered a stud fee, she refused. If you have that in writing, you should, in theory, laugh her out of court.

Too late for the OP, but for the benefit of anyone else who finds themselves cornered in this situation who might be reading, an unwanted mating doesn't have to result in an unwanted litter. You can always take your dog to the vet for the mismate jab which will terminate any pregnancy. And if your vet won't administer it (because they're not breeding experts), find one that will. It can be given up til about 5 or 6 weeks, I believe, but the sooner the better.
That's true I wonder many times what I didn't think about to put myself in this kind of situation.

My wife monitored Lilk she was pretty sure as bleeding stop almost week ago and discharge she had stop as well, but we had a knowledge from internet. Real life gives real lessons.
I didn't believe the pregnancy will happen so we ignored situation for a while. When we had a scan for Lili the operator explain it needed to be last day of season as there were only 3 puppies discovered.

For an abortion was to late when we had a scan.

The drama of the situation is we spend hundreds pounds to keep the house clean hours a day of hard work to give attention to puppies they were Golden Retriever border Collie mix they are real devils. We had damages to our property what I explained to let's call it other party bit or mean nothing for her.

Thanks for reply. Is it worth to make another thread to get further advice?
A season doesn’t stop when the bleeding does. It means the bitch has entered her fertile stage. An internet search would show that up, so I’m not sure what you mean by you had “internet knowledge”?
The bleeding stop time before than was some discharge which stop as well. My wife was sure the fertile time was over, but I prefer be precaution in every situation that's why I asked the person who was suppose to take care about Lili to make sure nothing like that happened. During the scan we were explained that's why the litter was so small usually coyld have 6 to 10 but I was really suprised when I was told bitch can have pregnancy with two different males😃.
First time I see the situation a bit different when health visitor worried about mood asked me what happened. After the story she told me it's not the first time somebody breeded the bitch without owner permission.
Thanks guys.
But, you said you you had “internet knowledge”, so presumably, you looked it up, and would see that once discharge and bleeding had stopped, the bitch was fertile. And if you had looked it up before you went away, why didn’t you join this forum (or sooner?

Why would you grin ( :D ) at the fact bitches can be impregnated by two different males?

I’m just trying to understand why you didn’t act sooner. Your friend told you your bitch had been mated. You say you had internet knowledge of seasons, but the wealth of knowledge on the internet would have told you that once the discharge and bleeding had stopped, the bitch was entering her fertile stage and that they will only allow males to mount and tie with them once they’re receptive, so why didn’t you come here or the other forum sooner to ask for advice? We could have advised you about the mismate jab, which would have avoided all the problems you have now - the damage caused to the house by the puppies, the threats of the small claims courts, the attempted puppy theft.

Please now get you bitch spayed. It’s in her best interests. Every season you allow her to have puts her at risk of pyometra, a potentially fatal uterus infection, and the longer she remains intact, the bigger the risk of potentially cancerous mammary tumours.

And for the benefit of any other owner of an intact bitch out there; as well as the above advice about getting her spayed, let this thread be a lesson: if you’re about to go away on holiday when your bitch comes into season, either take her with you if possible, or stay at home with her.
I thought I was quite clear but it looks like I need to practise that ability as well😀.
So tell me please what is fertile period from the start of the bleeding in golden retriever it course if you could. My wife informed me from "internet knowledge" It's two weeks.

Even in terrible situation it's good to find a reason to grin this is my personal conclusion from my personal experience. Can share.

If you want to know I didn't believe this mating give me a fruits especially the rotten one. As you know You need to believe something or somebody(maybe you are different). I will give you an example if you ask me why I gave this example I will answer straight away because this I have on my mind.
Do you know Mr Bailey from BoE he made sure thousands of people it's worth to buy overpriced houses because he will keep rates down and inflation is transitory. Lots of believed. Unfortunately for many he was wrong.
So try to imagine woman in her thirties which soon will be struggling to choose to pay mortgage bill or maybe pay for new born food. Her and her husband's new house which supposed to be investment will become trap. Husband listened a lot of news from mass media which just vomited with news how good idea is it to buy a house. Let imagine in a few months time when average home will be paying over 3k for energy with many household which be sticker with 5k energy price tag a question. Why we didn't think about that earlier. I will tell you why people make mistakes. My was I trusted on several occasions when I shouldn't.

Spayed. I've been asked about that many times in veterinary centre. I'm against that. The changes in hormones make it changes in personality.
If you like to know I think spayed should be sexual criminals not dogs for your or other owners comfort. But this is my personal opinion.
But contraception pill for dog for a season period would be a interesting product.
What happened is happened I join this forum to find out is anybody had similar situation to advice me not how to prevent dog from being pregnant but what is legal ground of somebody's stupid claim I will need to fight with.
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A difficult situation in which you are helpless?

By the way, can I just say that the dog in your photo looks very unhappy at being hugged by the child.
Yeah looks a bit exhausted. My son can make her tired but occasionally her mood is down. This is today picture. Any better.
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I've never owned a female, but from Google - first result -

After about 9-10 days, the bleeding will become more watery, or stop. It is at this time your female will, most likely, be at her most fertile. This proestrus stage can last as long as 20 days in some dogs. So the end of bleeding can be a more useful indicator of peak fertility.

Your wife either misunderstood or misinformed you.

Do you mean your wife? I'm afraid using sentient animals purely for profit is not thought of as ethical.

I'm glad your dog looks more relaxed in the second photo but my caution remains valid. She does not look comfortable in that earlier photo. Please don't let the child hug her like that, one day she might tell him she doesn't like it. You really don't want that to happen. You know all the stories about a dog biting or snapping ”with no warning”? She is giving you a warning, please listen.
Lili would not harm the fly. The puppies put her off her bowl and she didn't react. I had to show her she need to take care about her bowl, because two puppies were taking advantage of her. I could be wrong but she would never harm anybody in home and you can trust me my son doesn't harm her they just playing and Lili on many occasions provoke the situation. But thanks for concerns. Worries about others seems not to popular. Oh and the grin😃.
Spaying? A sexual crime against dogs? Sorry, but that's hilarious. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Bestiality is a sexual crime against dogs, not a surgical procedure that can help save a dog's life.

But I think your attitude to your dog shines through in your later posts. Starting with the grin. I think you knew that your dog would be at her fertile stage just when you left her. I think if you really didn't want to risk breeding her, you would have boarded her with someone who didn't have dogs, under the strict instructions of not walking her in peak walking times, and under strict garden supervision. And in the event that she was still mated, you would have been on here a lot sooner, in a panic, looking for the advice you needed to end the pregnancy.

What you would not be doing, is offering a stud fee and grinning about the fact that a bitch can be pregnant by two sires at the same time. I think you saw pound signs when you realised she was pregnant. Given your "internet knowledge" you may have known about the mismate jab already, and waited just long enough before taking her to the vet so that the mismate was no longer an option, guaranteeing you puppies.

I think your main priority is your house, not the bitch's welfare. And therefore, the financial damage caused to the house by the puppies. The fact that you got lucky and she sailed through the pregnancy and birth without major complications hasn't even entered your head.

What I don't think, is that this will be your bitch's last litter, sadly. :(

Prove me wrong.
😀 Grin for a start.
It's looks like there is some struggling to understand me. Spaying it's not criminal offence it's by a law approved surgery. I know that. So to make it clear Spaying it's just results of people vanity in my opinion. You said it's protect bitch life, really. Would you propose it to yourself to prolong your life. It's like a extraction of all teeth to protect somebody from teeth decay?? And the grin😀.
I will try to go through the sentence you refer to.

If you like to know I think spayed should be sexual criminals not dogs for your or other owners comfort.

To explain somehow society doesn't consider convicted rapists or paedophiles should be spayed when their activity harm other people but somehow the same society allow to do it to dogs as an act of mercy. So misunderstood which happened to you in this quite simple sentence it's really hilarious.
At least in our countries bestiality is a crime but for example in Denmark you can do it if you don't harm animal too much. Just please don't try to make any conclusion about this example.

The only thing it's shine with uncountable number of lumens it's lack of understanding of other people and the source of the light is not in me. I went abroad with my pregnant wife and little child the only option was a flight but you advice me to take a dog with me. Oh and I tried to find Lili different place to stay but I was refused help for a reasons by a people who done it before. It was a last resort to provide my wife opportunity to see family before she gave a birth and Covid attacked.
By the way Lili have been on holiday with me and my wife few times. U will make a thread about that.

Briefly have you consider why my dog sail through pregnancy so good. It's worth to ask.

But if you started to play in psychology. I will confirm you Lili will not have any more litter and my wife will not make me to have a dog after Lili. I love this creature and she will have nice life to the end. Even if this statement will be funny for somebody it will just prove somebody's sense of humour could have some development and only base on gaffes from Benny Hill's Show

But I liked this discussion so I don't mind to continue and I will try to find some time in the future to be active.
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