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Hello all over again

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Not exactly new, but MIA for a time. Here's part of the reason.

Our somewhat settled household was thrown into joyous chaos with the addition of two more rescue dogs within a month of one another. Like Franklin, the two new ones are from Abilene, Texas via Rescue Gang in Milwaukee.

Eva, the one on the left in my signature, was almost certainly a puppy mill mom. When she was done breeding she was dumped and found alongside a Texas highway, nearly dead from heat stroke. Dogs do not easily recover from severe heat stroke and the vet advised that she be euthanized. The guy who picked her up persuaded the vet to wait a few days for a miracle. Fast forward a few months, and she is healthy, strong, joyously energetic and happy all the time, and definitely top dog here, though she is the smallest. She appears to have some residual neurological issues, but they don't particularly interfere with her life.

Oliver, the black one in the middle, came to us a few weeks before Eva. He adores Franklin and dogs in general, but was terribly hand-shy. It's only in the past week or so that he is pretty much over that, at least with me, and he is making up for lost time. He is what I would call an assertive cuddler with zero respect for personal space. He also like to get up at 5 a.m., which I enjoy somewhat less. He is young and a bit crazy.

Three dogs can be problematic. Often one will get left out from playtime or even picked on. But these three play together beautifully, nap together, sleep in our bed together at night and have bonded well with each other and with us.

Franklin is the white dog on the far right. He is our original Texas rescue and is the rock. I think he would say his life has taken a sharp turn for the better with having two dogs to play with all day.
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Welcome back, it's good to hear from you again.
Welcome! Your 3 sound like a blast to watch interact. So nice they get along so well 😊
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