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Hello all,

I am posting on this forum for the first time.
Our dog is in a hospital and probably he won't make it.

He is a 10.5 year old Golden Retriever.
Never been seriously ill, always well taken care off.

5 days ago he started coughing a bit and he would vomit everything he ate.
There were huge amount of white phlegm/foam when he would vomit.

He was taken to vet immediately.
He had similar things happening in the past when he would eat something bad while on the walk.
He was given medicine for gastritis.

His condition was not improving, so we taken him back to see the vet.
Blood work was done (everything fine).
X-Ray of stomach was done, everything looked fine.
He received infusion.

He was scheduled for gastroscopy next day.
Next day he couldn't even walk and he was basically half dead.
Then the vet suspected heart and lungs, and X-RAY was done.

His heart very large and weak, and lots of fluid in the lungs.
Also there were some changes to the lungs and next to the heart (possibly tumors, but vet couldn't confirm).

He was non responsive.
He immediately received heart medication and that stabilized him.
2 days passed since then, and he is not improving.
He is stable, but still coughing and vomiting white phlegm. Cant stand or walk.
He is suffering :(

We are all devastated, but if things do not improve until tomorrow, I am afraid we will have to put him to sleep.

Please I need some advice on this situation.
Last couple of days I am reading about all this.
Unfortunately our vet did not catch heart problems in the past!

This is basically the first time our dog is sick and now we are losing him.

I am reading lots about heart failure in dogs, and can't really understand why is he vomiting excessive amount of white sticky phlegm?

Is there something the vet is missing?
I've read that excessive vomit is main symptom of chronic gastritis, so does he has both?

I even started thinking somebody poisoned him :(

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We had to put our Coco to sleep last week. He was also suffering due to kidney failure. You are right about your hunch, someone may have poisoned him. People can be really heartless?

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Vet says there is lots of tumors in his lungs...
So that most likely caused the heart problems.

Fluid from his lungs goes to his abdomen, irritating it and forcing him to vomit.

So most likely it is hemangiosarcoma that metastized or lung cancer...

Can't tell for sure, and he is too weak to do further testing

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I don't have any answers but I'm so sorry you're going through this. It's heartbreaking to see your beloved dog so sick and suffering. I hope you get some answers that help you either treat him and help him get better or end his suffering. And I hope you get to spend some time hugging and talking to him.
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