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Hello Everyone - this is my first post!

Before I adopted Milo, I went to meet him at his foster home, but he was not very focused and I was worried that at just 9 lbs and with a dislocated hip, he wouldn’t be an active enough dog for me.

Essentially, Milo's dislocation gives him a short right leg and an associated lumbar scoliosis (curvature).

So, I adopted him anyway and after about 1 week of anxiety (both of us) we fell in love. I believe Milo’s incredibly active lifestyle, excellent health and our shared bond, is largely due to the Healthy Touch Techniques I use with him ever day.

This got me wondering if other small dog owners might be interested in the techniques I use. I've been using them on human clients for 17 years (as a chiropractor) and with Milo for 2 years. You'd never know his spine looks like this:

Anyway, you can read all about Milo's story HERE.

Milo's Mum x
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