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Hi Everyone,

my lab mix had a malignant tumor removed today. The tumor was dangling on his ear and it was removed with just a local anesthetic... After the surgery his head was wrapped all the way down to his neck. The only opening is for the healthy ear, and the face.

My dog is 15, he has mild dementia, some loss of hearing, and some loss of vision. He's a rescued dog, who has a history of anxiety due to his poor care (beatings, etc) before me... Anway, since I picked him up today, he looks like he's losing it. He is extremely fearful, does not respond to my calming words, and seems intent on trying to get the bandages off. He is not allowed to take those off till Tuesday ... I guess there was a lot of bleeding and the bandages are supplying pressure to the area ... I tried putting the E-colar on and forget it ... I think he would strangle himself with it ...

I don't know what to do about his anxiety. It's totally out of control. He seems like he's hyperventilating. He goes on these freak-outs that last about an hour, then he passes out for an hour, and as soon as he's up again he continues ... I'm miserable and worried that something is wrong... I can't describe how awful I feel right now because of his state of mind.

Has anyone else experienced this before? And if yes, what helped calming the dog down? I tried laying next to him, talking, petting, hugging, stuffed toys, food ... etc. I'm thinking I gotta take him back tomorrow if this doesnt stop (of course) and hopefully they have a solution, maybe a mild doggy downer ...

I guess I just need to hear someone else's opinion right now ...
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