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So well interestingly enough the training club we have been to Jessie and i that is since domestic 2 have permanently without notifying me or even anyone on the Facebook page they have that training term 1 and 4 are no longer on Tuesday evenings but year round now Monday evenings!

Mondays i alternate between two commitments important ones at that. So i was really unhappy to learn via thier website though enrollments are on tuesdays trainings are on mondays. Of course they losing members because of this. not sure how many but lost me and Jess. So went on a search via google and not many training clubs in my city! what?! anyway contacted central all breeds training school on facebook re Jessie and her problem when it comes to food time with her barking and got very good answer to what the problem is( too excited and needs her own place to eat just gets over worked up) see

This club CADTS - Home only uses positive reinforcement and do grade classes, rally o, agility, CGC , reactive rover classes. Also held there 17th Oct is CGC assessment only thing she will fail is the being tied up for five mins at this rate and friendly dog possibly. like last year.

Yet tempted to try it again so i can say done it again and who knows what will happen?

While im happy about the help and answers got from the training school i just cannot believe that the friends from the former club we went to didnt let me know on facebook since we are friends on there! not a good look for them.
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