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Having the shakes, in pain at night

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Sorry I haven't intro'd myself, in a bit of a hurry. Several years ago my Chug would wake me up in the middle of the night, shaking and licking his lips, in pain. It may last 20 minutes, it may last an hour or 2. I've taken him to 2 different Vets, they are at a loss. The latest Vet thinks it may be his back, did an xray, looks like, maybe some disk problems, but he runs, jumps, without any problem. In October started doing Laser treatments on his back. Problem is, this shaking only happens every few months, I've noticed it happens mostly with the change in the seasons.

He's neutered, about 6 years old, found him as a stray when he was about 6-9 months old. Lives with 3 other dogs, and a cat. His appetite is good. When it first started happening, I thought it may be his head, then this second vet thinks it's his back, now I'm starting to think it's his abdomen, as this morning when he had the shakes his tummy was gurgling pretty loudly, and I'd noticed the gurgling last time he had the shakes.

In the last 6 days he's woken us up shaking every other day, so for some reason it's becoming more frequent.

I'm just throwing this out there to see if anyone has anything like this happen, and, if they got a diagnosis or have ANY idea. Years ago I did see him have a small episode, like a mini mal seizure. He just stiffened up some, knew he'd had a seizure as he wet the bed he was on. Had a dog once that had grand mal seizures, so I know it wasn't a grand mal.
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Has your vet done any bloodwork or imaging? I can imagine all sorts of things ranging from a UTI to pancreatitis to a pinched nerve.
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