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We have a 7 month old Golden Retriever who is very affectionate with people and dogs and loves to play fetch. She is fearful by nature though and can get spooked by a hair dryer, loud noise, etc. The real problem we have with her is in taking her for walks – if any one of us takes her out, she is extremely reluctant to walk beyond the gate and sometimes will not even budge. The minute a second one joins or if we go out as two or more people, she walks along willingly (same route). It is as if she needs a minimum of 4 legs to follow. It doesn't matter which one or two or who is holding the leash, etc so I don't think it has to do with anyone's dominance or lack thereof (she will follow two kids but not one adult or any one of those kids). She has had this problem from the time we got her at 3 months but the problem seems to be steadily getting worse. It is inconvenient for us to go out in pairs all the time and is becoming almost impossible to walk her alone.
Can someone please throw some light on what the issue might be and how to resolve it?

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