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Her name is Missy and she was diagnosed with a week and 2 days with it and her Sx has got a little better but I read articles, forums, facebook groups and a lot of dogs who has beaten this disease seem to have gone back to normal after a few days of treatment.

Mine can walk again and doesn't go in circles but she now just walks aimlessly and won't even stop to eat...I have to make her eat and give her water through a syringe. Every once in a while she will follow but for like 10 seconds and then goes back to her own world.

She is so tiny and only 9 months old...I'm really praying this disease doesn't get her. What have y'alls experience been with dogs who had meningitis? Was the recovery slow or does it take a couple of weeks for the steroids to kick in...what is it?

I just want to hear her barking, see her wagging her tail, and be happy to see me when I get home...right now she barely seems to recognize me. She doesn't even want treats or cheerios...she loved cheerios!
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