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Has anyone used Surolan on their dogs?

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So Mia has had some skin issues for the past couple of months. Unfortunately I don't have any pics right now to show you but they are round pimple like bumps (some bigger than others) that were originally all over her body and then after a week or so, started to gather on the back of her neck, between her shoulders. The bumps came literally overnight and they're hard to see unless you're standing behind her at a certain angle. The hair is a little raised where the bumps are.

At one point they got a little crusty, seems like the flakiness has died down a bit. A couple of them will turn pink, eventually scabs and falls off. She's not excessively itchy but she does scratch her neck and her sides from time to time.

No licking of paws, no biting, no dandruff or flakiness anywhere else on her body.

She is on a PMR diet.

We have already done two skin scrapings, negative for mange. Vet doesn't think it is food allergy related either. I asked if it could be a heat rash and she doesn't think so either.

Tried antihistamines for 10 days, no change. Currently doing medicated baths 2-3 times a week and not much has changed. Granted, it hasn't gotten worse but I can't figure out what's causing it.

I ran into a woman today with her english staffy and we were trading skin allergy stories of our dogs and she said her dog had a similar if not the same thing and suggested I ask my vet about Surolan. Its a topical cream and she said it worked wonders for her dog.

My vet is away until weds so while I wait for her to call me back, I figure I'd ask you guys if you have ever used this cream before. Were there any side effects? Was it effective? What did you use it for (what were you trying to treat)?

Thanks in advance!
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Surolan is usually used as an ear medication, and a fairly common one at that. Its ingredients are far from unique, but it is often used as first line of defense precisely for that reason (before the 'big guns' are pulled out). It has the usual trifecta of a steroid, anti fungal and antibiotic found in nearly all canine ear medications, and few side effects result from the usage of this medication (though rarely some dogs react to the antibiotic in this mixture). It can, like most ear meds, be used topically on other areas of the body, but being licked off is a common result, making it a lot less effective in those situations. I have prescribed this medication hundreds of times with fairly consistent results (usually it works well to clear up most uncomplicated ear infections). I have never prescribed it for usage in other areas of the body, but I can see how it might help. I do not think I would use it frequently in areas where the dog can ingest it all, so caution with that scenario.
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Surolan is a steroidal cream. What did you try for antihistamines? And what medicated baths are you using?

The minpin is hypothyroid, and for baths, we tried everything for his itching and alopecia including home made shampoos and everything medicated.

We started using a tea tree oil based shampoo for his baths - leave it on him for 5 minutes then rinse. Then I have a rinse water with some coconut oil and organic cocoa butter mix. It's by far the best we've found, really helps the little bugger. the coconut and cocoa butter stay on his skin and fur after towel drying - and no, there is no theobromine to worry about.

My hands get dry, skin cracks and bleeds. Found a recipe online that works well - half and half coconut oil and organic block cocoa butter melted together - let cool til slightly hard then whip it with a mixer. Little bit of peppermint essential oil and you have a chocolate mint hand cream :) It works on me, figured i'd try it on the dog.
@lzrddr yeah that's what the woman said. She was prescribed for her dog's ear irritation and decided to use it on the bumps and they went away
@jagger I'm not home right now so I can't check what the shampoo is. I can't remember the name of the antihistamines but the vet did a skin scraping and determined it was some kind of allergy (DUH) and said to go on antihistamines.

I'm going to try that mix you use for your dog in the future. Thanks for sharing that!! :)

She went in for her spay today, the vet at the SPCA said that the bumps look like a mild bacterial infection and is going to give her some antibiotics for 14 days.
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