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Hello! My dog is a 1.5 year old Pit/Boxer mix who is typically very nervous around new people. I often have trouble getting him to eat when there are others in the home as he seems to only be comfortable eating when I’m nearby.

This morning I noticed a new behavior while I was trying to get him to eat his breakfast and I was not sure what to think about it.

Behavior: moving food bowl around while whining at it. It almost seemed as though he forgot how to eat!! He does start to eat after a few minutes and finished his breakfast, this was just concerning to me

Has anyone ever seen this before? Was he just having a weird morning?

Please click this link below to watch a video of his odd behavior.

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The movements she is making is what they do when they are trying to bury something. If there was a blanket or towel or something nearby, she would be pushing that over the dish. She does not want to eat it so wants to bury it so nobody else can get it. Have you changed her food lately?

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My dog's been doing that for the past couple of months. Nearly every meal. He eventually eats. He actually cut his nose and Drew blood once from rubbing it in the floor or bowl so hard.
So that means I should stop telling him to eat because I'm basically forcing him even though I'm praising him?
If he doesn't eat my newish kitten goes and tries to eat his food. Probably would if it's out.
He was not eating at all so I started buying him different kinds of more expensive food with better ingredients and now he eats every day. But usually after this ritual.
Before he would not eat at all unless I spent two hours every day handfeeding him.

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The dog bowl mystery...some of my thoughts

Hmmm, your dog indeed seems troubled by something, right?

How long have you had this dog now?

My first thought was if there was something wrong with the food, like you suggested in your helpful video. Maybe lil tiny bugs?

My Athena dog did similar things to her bowl one day randomly and even knocked the bowl of the stand in front of me. (And she had no problems eating before this) Turned out she was right--there were indeed lil bugs in the food. I checked the bigger bag and yup, gross bugs in there---and the food smelled rancid as well. Dogs are so smart, if we just listen to them!

Anyway, perhaps check the original bag for bugs or rancid/old oil smell as a starter.

Also, will he eat the same food out of your hand?

What about from another type of bowl?
If he will eat the same food, I would think it may have something to do with the bowl itself. Maybe try a different bowl or use a flat plate and see if this makes any difference?

What about his ID tag hitting the bowl as he goes near it to eat a bite? Sometimes dog react oddly to this sound.

He seems off put by something, like it is tweaking him after he goes for it. He wants to eat it, but then he seems hesitant to want to dive in again. Any tooth issues? Mouth sores or tenderness?

Stomach issues? My dog that threw the food off the stand for the bugs...well then she became super picky about her food after that. Turns out she had pancreatitis which made her want to eat, but got super frustrated at her food bc it would make her sick shortly after. As if she knew she needed to eat, but it was torture for her to do so, hence the frustration at the bowl and the super picky eating.

Also, I noticed the other dog was near him when you were feeding him
. I saw him do a quick lip lick (dog stress signal) when the other dog came near him...maybe he is slightly nervous about eating when other dogs are present or near? Just a thought. Maybe try feeding him by himself? Keep the other dog in another room where this dog can eat in peace and not have to worry about his resources?

If he is trying to bury the food like someone here suggested, perhaps he is somewhat worried about protecting his resources? Could be attributed to his past life before you got him.. or now with the other (super cute!) doggie being in close proximity to him while he is eating?

And finally---- when my Puma is stressed by something or is feeling "off" then she doesn't seem to want to eat out of her bowl. The other day this happened again out of the blue. I ended up hand feeding her all her kibble and then she ate it all. The next meal was back to normal.

Why did this occur with my Puma?

Not sure, but I think it is a combo platter (as usual) of stressful events:

1) Me having to put meds on her new scratch on her head
2) Also putting meds in her ears (ooohs she loves that--NOT!)
3) Schedule change/lack of quality attention--my mom is in the hospital with
a broken neck, so I have been very occupied with Mom stuff, not working with Puma everyday like usual
4) Hormonal--we are pretty sure Puma was going through a false pregnancy and acting rather lethargic and depressed for several days.

So overall I think Puma just needed a lil special TLC, and hand feeding her made her feel very much loved and valued. She snuggled super close to my body that night ---and slept like that all night after I hand fed her. Very sweet tender doggie/ momma moment.

So maybe review other things going on lately in your home or life... and see if you guys are having a combo platter of your own?
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