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Happy to Join DogForum, the place where can I help Dog adopters

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Hello Dog adopters, I'm glad to share with you my experience as a dog trainer for 10 years, I'll be happy to see your questions and respond to help you to build confidence with your partner pet.
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Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Could you tell us more about the methods you use? :)
I use relationship-based training, In this type of training I focus on the cooperative relationship between the adopter and the dog to achieve mutually beneficial results, while at the same time strengthening and strengthening their relationship.
Can you explain a bit further what relationship-based training entails? I'm finding it hard to find a clear description.
I understand the difficulty of dealing with this training, not because it is difficult, but because it requires effort and patience because it is like teaching a child.
If your child is hungry, he starts crying. In this case, if you do not feed him, he will start screaming more. Not because he wants to disobey your command. He is just hungry and your emotion makes him more tense and irritable with your emotion.
So you have to understand your dog's personality first and that's what no one else can tell you unless he has lived with your dog for a long time, so it's your job.
And to be able to analyze your dog’s personality, you should pay more attention to his behavior, the movements of his ears, eyes, tail, and the way he smells things.
All of these factors will tell you a lot about your dog's personality, whether he has a leadership personality, or tends to have a completely subordinate and subordinate personality to you, from here you will draw a process for relationship-based training.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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