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Hank's sport progress!

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I haven't posted in a while but thought I'd brag on my muttly boy. I've had him a year and a half now! crazy!

We've been busy. Last fall he earned his CA (coursing ability) and is now halfway to his CAA (coursing ability advanced). It's like his crack!

A month or so ago he picked up his RATI and RATN barn hunting.

Then 3 (?) weeks ago we went and passed our odor recognition test for NACSW nose work. You have to pass a test before you can trial. There's a trial in June so maybe we will get in.

Then yesterday we picked up his very first agility Q in NADAC touch n go. He ran really well and was really happy and a great little worker. I was so proud of him as the agility trial environment has been a little tough for him.

We started rally 6 weeks ago and are going to probably try for an RN this fall maybe too.

He's a pretty good boy. <3 Glad I impulse pulled him from animal control. lol
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Nice looking boy. Sounds like you are both having a great time. It's nice that you are finding the things he loves to do, rather than pushing him into an uncomfortable fit. Congratulations!
He's a busy boy!! Congrats on all of the great accomplishments. :)
Man keeping busy! And look at all those ribbons!
Thanks! We are entering in our first try at AKC next month. Just got our confirmation letter. (Kind of intimidated but we'll see how it goes!)

Then we're taking a break till the fall pretty much.

It's been a fun ride. Challenging at times but a lot of fun.
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