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Hello everyone!

Dogs are a passion of mine. My family and I have two dogs and will be adding our third in the near future.

Our current dogs are;

Zoey, a 7-ish year old peke/pug/chi mix who we adopted over five years ago from a private rescue. She has been rescued from a puppy mill and at first it took alot of work and patience training her. She isn't the brightest but she absolutely loves people and children and I've taken her multiple times to our local preschool when they have their pet learning days. For a dog that weighs just ten pounds, she has none of the typical snappiness often associated with her size range. When she sees a class of toddlers, her tail wags so hard her entire little butt wiggles!

Our other dog is Lucy, a lab/? mix who turned 3 years old this past March. She has been with us since she was 6 weeks old and is the best family dog anyone could ask for. She prefers just being with her own family as compared to meeting strangers but she's always a good sport either way. She really likes meeting and playing with other dogs. She is so obedient and well-behaved. And her recall is 100% which means we can enjoy plenty of off-leash hikes on the property behind our own and at camp.

Our third addition will be arriving here soon. Her name is Rosalie, Rosie for short, and is currently just 3 weeks old. She is an english springer spaniel but without a cropped tail. A friend of ours has a grooming business and was left with a heavily pregnant ESS so now she has a litter of quickly growing pups to find good homes for. The momma dog has refused the pups for as-of-now still unclear reasons and so the puppies are fed a combination of formula and soft food. Rosie may be joining us soon and I will finish her hand-feeding myself.

I have pictures of them all in my album here.

Several years ago, I worked at a kill shelter and it left me with sad, bad, happy, and good memories. I will never forget the faces of the dogs that were destroyed and I will never forget the faces of those saved. It was a tough experience and I commend anyone currently involved with rescue work. My husband and I have three children, all boys, and a small farm with an assorted menagerie of animal companions. The high majority are rescues.

I also maintain a small proboards site dedicated to dogs and other pets- the link is under my profile information- and I am a moderator on the discussdogs on-line forum. I am delighted to add this forum and be a part of it as well. :)
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