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Hi there, y'all. My name is Anne, and I live in extreme Northeast Tennessee, right next to the Virginia border and a stone's throw from the North Carolina border.

I've had dogs literally all my life. Starting with a little poodle mix named Sara who fit in my dad's jacket pocket when she was a puppy, through a pair of Siberian Husky sisters, a some-sort-of-pointer/hound (we never were sure what she was...) mix, a Boxer mix who could live on love, and my beloved Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix named Ivy, who lived to 14 and was the best friend a girl could ask for. That's her snoozy self in my avatar.

After we had to let my sweet Ivygirl go in late September, we went from then until, well. Yesterday. Until we got another dog. So five months. Too long. When we went to the shelter and found a sweet Border Collie mix that we've named Molly. Affectionately, I call her Molly Machado, because we're big baseball people and my favorite team is the San Diego Padres and my favorite player is Manny. Yes, she has a dog sized jersey coming. :D

Miss Molly is a sweet sweet girl. Quiet and gentle, I haven't even heard her bark yet. Whine, yes. Bark, no. I hope she wasn't abused in her former life to keep her from barking. No matter, bark or no bark, she's here to stay and we love her to bits.

Anyway, hi!
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