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:eek: I stupidly just fed my two small dachshunds (10lbs and 13lbs) some peeled grapefruit. They each got about 1/2 of one peeled slice. Not very much, but they are small dogs.

I called a vet hotline and they said it should be fine but the ASPCA website makes it seem extremely bad and I'm panicking. Should I do anything? Feed them other food, water, etc?

I have the dog "do not feed" list memorized (grapes, chocolate, onions, avocado, stone fruit, xylitol, etc. etc.) I had no idea grapefruit was on there. I feel awful. :dog-cry: Has anyone else done this? What signs should I look out for?

Thank you in advance.

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From everything that I read the peel, pith, and seeds, are the most toxic, and the actual fruit not so much.

Looks like you should be looking out for vomiting, lethargy, sensitivity to light, depression, diarrhea, drooling, trembling, and photo-sensitivity.

I hope your little ones are alright! Hopefully since it was such a small amount no harm will be done.
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