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Grain free large breed food recommendation

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Hello, so i have a 55lb 1yr old lab. Shes currently on 4health grain free large brees forumla. But shes having some dog breath. It not the smell of a health issue, it just kind of reminds me of morning breath from a human, but in my dog. So anyways im going to switch kibble and see if that helps so currently im paying about 1.25$ per pound of food so id like to stay somewhere close to that. So if anyone can recommend a lrg breed grain free forumla, that would be great. Thanks!

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Hi Alex,
I used to feed my dogs 4Health. I have a 10 y-o Golden who runs around 80 lbs and a rescue mutt who is about 15 lbs. I'd switched to 4Health from more common commercial foods and didn't really see the change I wanted. Then I got a bag of bad food so I started researching again.
I settled on VeRus for several reasons. 1) They've never had a recall; 2) they sent me samples of 2 food formulas - the samples equaled at least a cup of food and they didn't stink (you know how dog food usually smells like old chicken parts? Not this stuff. No smell!); 3) they have a non-profit that benefits both rescue dogs and US veterans.
Positive changes since feeding VeRus: almost NO itching (my rescue mutt is the itchiest dog I've ever seen - or was before VeRus); no doggy breath (little likes to burp in my face so doggy breath is important); more energy and some healthy weight loss in my Golden.
VeRus has a really good website. Check it out and fill out the contact form & they'll send samples. If you have questions, they'll actually answer you, too. Verus Pet Foods - Home
Good luck!!
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Thanks, but verus seems to be very heavy in the carbohydrates im looking for something with less carbs

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I feed Canidae Pure, grain free.
It is a little bit more expensive than 4health (I fed that before as well), but you feed less. My girl is around 52-53lbs and 11 months old now and loves that food, has lots of energy and her coat looks great (although I have to admit I feed some coconut oil as well :) ).
I started with the pure sea and am now currently feeding the land variety.
I also feed the canidae grain free pure. I have never fed 4 health but I love the canidae line of food. It is more expensive but I don't have to feed as much. I have 55lb gsd mix and a 28lb bag will last me a month. He is always getting compliments on how soft his coat is. He also does not have a dogfy smell to him and I don't notice his breath either.
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