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Yup, it would be. However, at the moment I'm getting Acana dog food for about $7.50 a bag (usually, $70-$80), thanks to the help of some friends. Being in a constant cash crunch, I may stick with Acana for a while, at least till my friends run out of coupons they want to give away.

I was feeding them both the recommended amount of raw, based on their weight, according to what information I found. It was 24 ounces per day for Tara, based on 75 lbs, and about 22 ounces for Boone, based on 55 lbs. If/when I go back to raw I'll have to rethink those amounts I guess.
It takes some experimentation to figure out feeding amounts, whether raw or kibble. Kabota eats so much less than Acana recommends, it worries me a bit, but his weight is good and he's very healthy. The vet says he's perfect, keep it up, but there's that little bit of fear, you know?
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