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Hello all,
Yesterday I took my 8 month old puppy to a board certified dental specialist and got her left canine tooth extracted. The problem was that there was overcrowding and it didn't align with the top teeth. Because I didn't want her to deal with major dental issues (peridontal disease etc) in the future and because her canine tooth was hitting the roof of her mouth, I decided on an extraction. They actually gave me 3 choices, 1) extraction 2) grinding the tooth (apparently a very complex procedure, with 10% chance of failure/rejection because they have to make something and add it to the tooth) 3) at least 3 surgical procedures during which a chain will be connected between teeth to pull the top incisor back ( and 4) root canal, but apparently she's too young for it).

We're moving soon so option 3 was not possible and was of course very expensive. Option 2 is also very expensive and cumbersome, not to mention the chance of failing is high.
So considering everything, I went with the extraction. I'm just feeling very guilty because it's such an important part of her mouth. She now has only 1 canine tooth.

Has anyone evet got their dog's canine teeth removed? If so, how was it for you guys?
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