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Good All Natural Treats

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Here's a list of some good all natural treats...all my dogs love, but some you may not know what they really are (honestly i will tell if you really want to know, but I'll pm it...not say it here...and ask at your own risk)

  • Bull sticks
  • pigs ears
  • Merrick Texas Toothpicks
  • Merrick Moozers
  • Merrick Snoozers
  • Nature's Variety Beef Sticks
  • Tracheas
Feel free to add to the list :dog-bone:
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I know what bully sticks are, but I'm curious to know what Texas toothpicks are! Are they the same thing?
no Texas Toothpicks are actually cowtails, bone and all. I have yet to get one for my dog, but I am going to pick one up tomorrow and see if he likes it.
Natural Treats are OK. But I recommend you to go for some good dog supplements. Remember that protein, ideally, according to an experienced specialist in animal nutrition, should be listed as at least 30 percent. Keep in mind that dogs utilize fat well and some nutrition specialists think that at least 18 percent is ideal. :p
Mine love wellness pure rewards

RE to above. What exactly are those supplements supposed to be for and why are they necessary (IYO that is).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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